Saturday, July 28, 2012

Free Fileice premium Accounts [ Updated Daily ]

Free Fileice premium Accounts

I'm gonna share from 5 up to 10 accounts per day.
After all accounts are taken I'm gonna remove the download button.
So If you really need a Fileice Premium then hit the download, If you don't really need it please leave this website. (Thanks for understanding.)

 Name: Fileice premium Accounts

Fileice premium Accounts download
 status: Available 
Well,You may ask us why they are protected by surveys?
The answer is we spend so much on fileice in buying premium credits.To prevent from spam,from miss use and to count number of downloads,they are locked by surveys.If you complete a small survey,then you can download as many files from fileice with premium credits without completing extra surveys.Its profit to both of us. 

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